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This summer we brought on two new employees to the Gal Meets Glam team! We’ve known we needed to grow our team for a while and were so thrilled to have found two amazing women who have brought so much joy and value to our business. As we continue to grow and expand Gal Meets Glam, it was important for us to take our time and find the right people. I truly believe that having genuinely good, kind people who are smart and hardworking is key. From both the business and creative sides, there is always a mile long list of things to do and we’re so excited to be able to bring even more wonderful content (and more!) your way!

We are excited to have Laura and Margaret onboard so we thought it would be fun to share a little bit about each of them through a Q&A. Enjoy getting to know them, you’ll see them pop-up over here more often now and expect to see lots of great things from Gal Meets Glam in the future.



You have been a long time reader of Gal Meets Glam. What has been the most surprising thing that you’ve noticed now that you work for GMG? Any favorite behind the scenes stories?

The amount of work that goes into the different content produced outside of the main blog is incredible – i.e. GMG Now, Daily Look, Quick Reads, E-mail newsletters etc. But that’s why GMG has been so successful at standing out with content creation.

Most of my favorite behind-the-scenes moments come from when Thomas is testing the lighting with the camera and needs me to stand-in for a shot. I get super goofy partially due to my own discomfort in front of the camera but mostly from Thomas’s jokes. Ultimately, he ends up capturing the most hilarious bloopers a.k.a potential blackmail, which I hope never sees the light of day.

Besides watching re-runs of Friends, what are your passions outside of work?

I love working on my own photography outside of work, which I was doing a lot of back in Boston, but I’m even more excited now to photograph this new city and all of it’s charm. I love to cook, it’s therapeutic for me, and recently I bought the book Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe which basically combines my two loves: beautiful photography and delicious food recipes. Also, yoga! I used to do hot yoga back in Boston, and I need to get back into my routine here in Charleston. However, I can’t wrap my head around doing hot yoga in a studio only to walk outside to the same hot and humid temperature after class. haha

What contribution to the team have you been most proud of so far?

Well, I’m proud of everything I’ve worked on and none of it has felt like work because I genuinely enjoy it, honestly. If I had to choose one thing it has been creating video content for all of the GMG platforms – everything from concept to execution and editing. I love the technical side of it because I’m super meticulous – using and learning keyboard shortcuts is my favorite nerdy thing to do in the editing process. (You can view some of the videos that I worked on here and at the bottom of the post here)

What’s your biggest focus for the team?

I want to always remind myself to think about how any piece of content creation will benefit the brand beyond the present moment. It’s not only about what concepts we can brainstorm and execute on the spot, rather it’s about how we can respond to past performance and make the content better every time to continue to shape who we are in this digital space.

You just moved from Boston to Charleston to work for Gal Meets Glam, how are enjoying it so far? A question we get asked all the time by readers wanting to move to a new city stems from their concern about making new friends in a new place. How have you found it making friends outside of work?

I still can’t believe I live here, to be honest! It feels like I’ve been on one long vacation… that happens to be permanent. Everything here is beautiful – the architecture, the beach, the food, the boutiques, the art scene and more. My favorite thing would be how kind everyone is here. Hands down, the nicest strangers I’ve ever walked passed on the street. I used to smile at people while walking the streets back home and definitely would not get the same delightful response from most, but down here everyone is friendly, smiles/waves back or asks how you’re doing – it’s so refreshing.

As for the friend front, it’s only been two months since I moved down and I’m not really rushing it. I’m a social butterfly for sure, but I do find it’s a little harder to make friends as I get older especially in a new city when most people already have their solid friend group. Thankfully I knew a few friends before moving down so that has certainly helped to have them here. I hope to find more events or meetups where I can meet some new faces as well.

What are you most looking forward to with GMG?

Even though GMG has been around for 6 years I knew when I took this job that there is still so much potential and growth for a brighter and more successful future for the brand. I’m most excited about joining the team from “the start” and having a seat at the table. Being able to voice my opinions and ideas directly to Julia and Thomas, who I have admired ever since I started reading the blog, for the betterment of the business is pretty amazing. I know we’re going to learn a lot from each other in this experience.



During your final semester at College of Charleston, you started out as an intern with Gal Meets Glam in January and now you are a full time employee of GMG. How has the transition from school to career been?

The transition was truly seamless. As an intern, I experienced the many facets of the business and gained an understanding of how I could best contribute. Most importantly, I applied what I was learning in the classroom to the internship, and in turn, the internship acted as fuel for my marketing capstone and business courses. As for starting this position right out of college, I’m simply thankful for the opportunity to devote more of my time to a position and company I’m passionate about.

One of your important roles is to help us use data to influence our creative ideas. What contribution are you most proud of?

I have advanced several ideas that were tested and implemented quickly. These include updating the categories on the blog, recommending new series/posts based on those that readers responded positively to in the past, crafting compelling headlines to enhance reader interest, identifying trends in reader interest, and planning and organizing new content.

At this time, several of my ideas constitute work in progress that Gal Meets Glam will showcase in the near future. Ultimately, I’m proud to be in a collaborative working environment where my contributions make an impact.

It’s not easy for new grads to land jobs right out of college, talk a little bit about how you were able to secure an internship with us. What other advice would you have for people still in college?

As an avid Gal Meets Glam reader for the past five years, I was inspired throughout college by the incredible fashion and travel content on the blog. I did not know what career I wanted to pursue when I enrolled at the College of Charleston, but I was motivated by the young professionals buzzing around me. I dove into my business and communication classes, and on the weekends, I collaborated with photographers in the community to curate styled photoshoots as a creative outlet. Little did I know, I was building a portfolio for my dream internship.

When I saw a GMG blog post in Summer 2016 announcing Gal Meets Glam was moving to Charleston, I reached out. I had no idea this would lead to a full-time job, nor was that my initial goal; I just wanted a chance to learn more about the business. A few months later, I found out there was room in my schedule for an internship during my final semester, so I quickly emailed GMG to tell them that I had time to intern. A few interviews and a stroke of luck later, I landed the internship. The result, a full-time position combining business and creativity with Gal Meets Glam, is more than I expected or hoped for.

To those of you still in college, do what makes you joyful in your free time! If you’re a “creative,” build a portfolio. Learn about the business of your creative pursuit and identify the companies and entrepreneurs who are making waves in your field of interest. Intern for those companies. Just start working toward your dream. Participate in your community and learn from the professionals (including your professors) who make it tick. Go out of your comfort zone, and never forget to dream big, establish practical goals, and consistently work toward them. It takes action. Every learning experience acts as a step toward future golden opportunities.

You helped put together the Charleston Guide and schedule our 3 day whirlwind tour to shoot as many locations in Charleston as we could. Do you have a favorite moment from that project? What are your Top 3 favorite places in Charleston?

Coordinating, writing, and compiling the Charleston Guide was a phenomenal opportunity. I loved meeting restaurant owners and chefs, PR professionals, and all the talented people who run Charleston’s restaurant scene. Everyone we reached out to was excited to be featured, so it was always an upbeat project to work on with the team. I especially enjoyed promoting the city I love to call home, and spending time with the team in restaurants all over the city.

One of my favorite memories was shooting the feature for the Darling Oyster bar, where we were served way more dishes to shoot than we expected (or dreamed of). We did not have enough time to eat what we were served before we moved on to the next shoot, but nevertheless we took the time to sample each dish. We offered the extra food to those around us when we left, making everyone’s day. The bar’s presentation looked like an incredible Gatsby-style, seafood-themed thanksgiving and I was in 7th heaven!

Three of my favorite places around Charleston are Colonial Lake, the bend on Church street, and the Cistern Yard at the College of Charleston.

What are you most looking forward to with GMG?

I look forward to making positive contributions to the future success of Gal Meets Glam, as GMG’s brand continues to evolve. GMG has provided wonderful mentors, and I am thankful for the opportunity they have afforded me to become a member of the team. I am proud to be a small part of a team that maintains a high standard of excellence and promotes a culture that fosters continuous improvement of content for GMG readers.

What are your passions outside of work?

I am passionate about instilling confidence in young women, befriending and mentoring them through an organization called Young Life. Life is fuller when you surround yourself with people of all ages! In my free time you can find me either at the tennis courts, discovering new places around Charleston, painting photographs I’ve taken, reading/posting about art, styling + interior design, laughing with my three roommates, or planning my next GMG-inspired trip 🙂