5 Ways To Keep Jewelry Safely Organized

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I use to get so frustrated when I would grab a favorite necklace only to find it intertwined with other necklaces and covered in knots! I’d beg my dad to help me untangle everything and he would tediously use a needle to undo the mess. And then a week later the same piece would be knotted up again. Not to mention the countless times I lost earrings, rings and necklaces because I had no system in place to put them away securely. I just left jewelry lying around where ever it was taken off, or threw it all together in one disorganized box. There was also more than one time that I left jewelry in a handbag or pocket and forgot about it!

As I grew older, I quickly realized I needed a better plan for storing pieces in a safe and accessible way. Since we travel so frequently, it also meant finding ways to secure the jewelry I took with me. I learned to organize by jewelry type, size and style. While there are many options out there, from the traditional jewelry box to jewelry dressers, jewelry trees, and even DIY ideas, these are my 5 favorite ways to keep jewelry safely organized.

1. Clear Containers
A clear jewelry organizer is the perfect way to show off beautiful jewelry while being able to see where each piece is stored. They come in a single or multi-drawer acrylic, glass top, or beautiful glass box style.

2. Drawer Organizers
Drawer organizers, like these expandable ones, are a wonderful way to keep jewelry from getting tangled, knotted and damaged. Drawer organizers are perfect for getting ready quickly and fit snuggly into an available dresser drawer for easy pull-out.

3. Classic Stackable
If you’re an avid jewelry lover, stackable organizers are the perfect way to store precious pieces. This modular option allows you to add trays as your collections grow. The soft lining keeps everything safe and secure. Organize trays by season, keeping the current one out on a dresser or table. This soft modular one is a favorite of mine (also in this style).

4. Trinket Trays
Small and large jewelry trays are a super convenient short-term way to quickly store pieces on current rotation. When I shower or wash my face, I place my everyday rings in a small trinket dish for safe keeping until I’m ready to put them on again.

5. Travel Cases
These soft, portable cases, binders, rolls and pouches keep jewelry secure and organized for travels or for storing jewelry on a regular basis when space is limited. Plus these cases generally fit well in hotel safes.

Do you have a favorite way to keep your jewelry organized? If so, we’d love to know!