Girl On A Budget – Luxe Pajamas

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When I was in college, the furthest thing from my mind was stylish pajamas. I usually just threw on an old tee shirt and shorts or sweats – whatever I could find that was relatively clean to wear to bed. My, how things have changed! Today I have a love for dreamy pajama sets, whether made of luxurious silk or incredibly soft cotton, especially in a shade of pink, or with stripes or polka dots. There’s something about changing into a cozy pair of pajamas that immediately calms my mood, no matter how crazy my day has been. I believe every women should be able to add a bit of luxe to their nightwear, so I’ve hand-picked a few favorites that represent quality and luxury without breaking the bank.

This classic, soft knit set is glam in hot pink or black, while this and this floral print set are feminine and affordable. This geometric print set has a long sleeved top for a little extra warmth while still paired with shorts. This nightshirt comes in a variety of colors and prints and is under $50, while this chambray is fun and simple and under $30.  This striped and this polka dot night shirt and this pink shorts set is perfect for Spring. So many budget friendly choices – there’s no excuse to wear those old tee shirts to bed any more!