3 Must Have Skirt Styles For Summer

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Next to dresses, skirts are my favorite thing to wear to stay cool as the weather warms up. But unlike a dress, summer skirt styles can be worn several different ways, depending on what it’s paired with. So basically, you’re getting multiple looks with one product. That’s why I always make sure to pack at least two skirts on all my summer travels. I can throw on a simple cotton tee with just about any skirt and instantly have a comfortable travel style. Then switch-out the tee for a silk or cotton off the shoulder blouse for a completely new look. For those of you into minimal packing, this is ideal. My three favorite summer skirt styles this season include a fun mini with a bit of flare, a cotton or blend midi, and a  wrap maxi (though I still can’t resist a ruffled hem or a classic denim as well).